Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Highlights: Avoiding Long IEP Meetings, Epilepsy, Blindness

  • We talk a lot about the importance of transportation engaging in IEP meetings. In this post, a parent shares tips for "avoiding a butt-long IEP meeting."
  • Have students on board with epilepsy? The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California has some great resources, including seizure action plans, reporting forms and guides for parents.
  • In STN we've discussed issues of transporting blond students from legal and best practices stand points, but we rarely get to hear about the school experience from the blind students themselves. In Washington, one college student who was the only blind student in her school is hoping by leading a course on stereotypes of blindness, she can improve future generations of blind studens' experiences. The Western Front explains
    ... some teachers would limit her activities based off the individual perception of what they felt a blind child could handle. She said other teachers did not comprehend her constant frustration with her disability. Instead of being empathetic, teachers would tell her not to be negative and not to pity herself, she said.

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