Monday, February 23, 2009

Stimulus, Solidarity and Site Update

Last week, we reported that the stimulus package provides $13.6 billion for special needs education. In the week ahead, we'll look at the package more closely and discuss how schools and pupil transporters may be able to get their piece of the pie.

Later this week, special needs experts gather in Indianapolis, Ind., for the National Conference on Transporting Students With Disabilities & Preschoolers. The group might take note, in Northern California, a group of parents of children with autism and other special needs have formed their own PTA. The group was founded to help parents work together to draw attention to special needs and the often under-funded mandated special education costs. The group's president and co-founder Susie Christensen stated the group's mission:
"Our mission is to disseminate information and support parents in their quest for educating their children, and let them know they're not alone."
For those looking for education online, we've recently updated the special needs section of our Web site. Inside disabilities definitions, resources, commentaries and more.

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