Thursday, January 29, 2009

Autism Round Table @ Education Week

Education Week posts a transcript [free subscription required and well worth it] from a round table on working with students with autism. Steven Shore, author of Understanding Autism for Dummies and Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome talks with teacher and consultant Paula Kluth (also an author) and Marcie W. Handler, director of home and school consultation at the May Institute. Little specific discussion of Autism on the bus, but Kluth points to some great resources and discusses the "social stories" method.
... you should create the stories, share them regularly, teach the child to get them out when stressed or when he needs them. Some teachers are even creating auditory social stories and letting kids listen to them on the bus on their iPod. Carol is even teaching about video social stories now so check out her website to learn more.

On a similar note, NPR reports on how Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen (brother of Borat actor Sacha Baron-Cohen) has helped develop a DVD series that helps autistic children learn to read faces, something many traditionally have trouble with. According to the report, the DVD, which is now available for American children, incudes Sally the cable car, Barney the tractor, and Charlie the Tram. Unfortunately, no Sammy the school bus.

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